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CarShipIO SHIPPER TMS Features

Manage Shipping Cars with CarShipIO

Shipping for your dealership or auction: increase inventory turnaround time by shipping cars to and from your location(s) easier, get better visibility on market rates. Shipping for your customers: increase sales by shipping the car interstate.

CarShipIO is one platform that can streamline your transportation management process.

Integrated Quote Form for your customers

Sell more Cars by providing your customers with an easy solution when it comes to shipping a vehicle.

An Integrated Quote Form will help shoppers initiate a shipping request and save your time, automating shipping process. User-friendly process for them and more sales for you!

Convert more shoppers into customers with an Integrated Quote Form

Auto Transport Broker CRM with an Automatic Order Import from popular car auctions

Import Orders from Popular Auctions

Fast Upload with PDF Release from auctions such as Adesa, Manheim, Copart, ACV, Smart Auction release. No need for manual data entry, our system will covert your file into a ready to post job!

Run your own Private Carrier Network

Dispatch a job to any carrier, Share the Job with several local carriers at once, Find auto carriers in specific region, Make it Available to a carrier working a specific lane via carrier lane matching and more. Review Verified carrier documents and set up your preferred carriers.

Power and flexibility allows you to dispatch and move cars faster at a lower rate.

Private Auto Carrier Network with Lane Matching. Start Moving Cars Faster and Smarter Today!

Customer Tracking Portal

Allow your customers see the progress of their shipment. Keep your customers informed about expected arrival time of their purchased vehicles, build trust and enhance their overall experience. Have access to Time and Location Stamped Vehicle Condition Report completed by drivers.

Customer Shipping Portal. Order Tracking and Customer Self Service Payments, Deposits, New Order Submissions and Complete Order History

Cross Post your Orders to Central Dispatch with a click of a button for more auto carrier capacity

Cross Posting Your Loads to Central Dispatch

Use more channels to find a right carrier faster. Expand your reach and access to even more carriers, increase the chances of finding the best rates and services for your shipping needs. You are One click away from saving time on posting jobs.

Integrated Carrier Payments

Our system automates the process, freeing up valuable time for you to focus on other important tasks. Stop wasting your time managing and processing carrier payments With integrated payments carrier can get approved to be paid the moment car is delivered. Approve, process and schedule vendor payments with a click of a button.

Integrated Vendor Payment. Approve, process and Schedule auto carrier payments.

Other powerful features of our Auto Transport Shipper and Dealer Software Platform:

Central Dispatch Job Post and Update, QuickBooks Integration, Credit Card Processing, Splitting Large Orders, Carrier Document Management

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