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CarShipIO BROKER CRM + TMS Features

Manage Auto Transport Leads

Entire New Way to Manage Auto Transport Leads

Running an Auto Transport Company? Accept incoming leads from your own Website Quote Form, Lead provider or another source, process and assign leads to a salesperson. Automated Acknowledgment Email to your auto broker customers with multiple templates.

Generate and send out Quotes with just one click

Send out Quotes using multiple customized Templates. Customer Quote Acceptance and Order Details Completion flow. Automatic Quote and follow up reminders.

Automation to convert Quote to an a New Order uppon customer acceptance.

Automation to convert Quote to an a New Order uppon customer acceptance

Customer Order Management

Customer Order Management

Convert quotes to Orders with 1 click, Smart Order Status Management, Secure Order Tracking Access and Update Notifications for your customers.

Move Cars Faster and Easier with Private Carrier Network + CarShipIO MarketPlace

Dispatch a job to any carrier, Share the Job with several local carriers at once, Find auto carriers in specific region, Make the Load Available to a carrier working a specific lane and more. Power and flexibility allows you to dispatch and move cars faster.

Your Auto Carriers benefit from:

Complete Paperless Dispatch

Order Status Updates

Document upload and sharing

CRM - Manage and communicate with your Dealers, Companies, Snowbirds and other customers

Easy Carrier Onboarding and Self Dispatch

New Auto Carriers will join your network with ease, vetting for document, insurance and other requirements completion.

Spend 0 minutes of time, enable your carriers to request and self-dispatch orders, 24/7 365 days a year.

Easy Carrier Onboarding and Sign up

Powerful Auto Transport Broker CRM

Powerful Auto Transport Broker CRM

Communicate with your customers like never before. Store Customer information, notes, instructions, preferences and order history. Categorize and Tag your customers for easy targeting and marketing outreach.

Easy Repeat Orders for your regular Dealer, Corporate Relocation, Snowbird or any other customer

analyze you revenues, converstions and track your goals with powerfull reporting

Get Valuable Trends and History

Want greater visibility into your business? CarshipIO lets you view and analyze trends based on your data to boost performance and growth.

See work history on delivery dates for carriers, Order history from your customers, Revenue and Profit Reports, Salesperson performance analytics, Complete Status Workflow Overiew.

Other powerful features of our Auto Transport Broker Software Platform:

Central Dispatch Job Post and Update, QuickBooks Integration, Credit Card Processing, Splitting Orders, Automatic Followups, Carrier Document Management, Share CRM Contatcs with Carrier, Move Jobs between your Broker and Carrier Companies

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