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CarShipIO CARRIER TMS Features

Complete Load and Trip Management for your car hauler company

Complete Loads and Trips Management

Enter your Loads and track them all the way from New to Complete. Organize your Loads into a Trip for each of your Trucks. Build schedules and plan out routes in a new, more efficient way. Dispatch loads to Driver App. Stay on top of you late pickups and drop offs. See GPS Location of your trucks. See which invoices are due in a second. Get your State miles breakdown for IFTA report.

Switch to our efficient car carrier digital tools and streamline your business operations in no time.

Driver EBOL and EPOD app to manage your car hauler loads on the go.

Eliminate false damage claims with picture inspection. Capture client's electronic signature with your mobile device. Scan VIN barcode to update vehicle information. Capture expenses on the go. Invoice as soon as you deliver.

Replace Bill of Lading with eBOL so you can complete vehicle inspections, mark damages, take pictures and have your customers sign right on your mobile device. Eliminate false claims with EPOD (Electronic Proof of Delivery) Record. M-22 AAIG Damage Codes OEM required inspection is supported.

Driver EBOL app with EPOD - streamline your car inspection and eliminate paperwork

Get More Car Hauler Loads on CarShipIO Loadboard

Get more Car Hauler Loads with Smart Auto Transport Load Board

Search for auto transport loads in your lanes to fill your truck. Get Matched with great paying carrier loads.

With CarShipIO Auto Transport Load Marketplace No need to calll or text to get more loads on our auto carrier loadboard, just request or book them with a tap as you see them.

Get Smart lane suggestions and car hauler load matches from quality auto transport brokers and dealers.

Set Saved Search Notifications and be first to grab that good paying car hauler load to fill an empty spot on your truck.

Send Invoices and BOLs with just one click

With CarShipIO, you can invoice clients with just a few clicks, and it takes just 5 seconds. Free your time by generating invoices with CarShipIO, and instead you can work on finding quality loads or spend time working on your marketing, that time can translate to thousands of dollars each month just by invoicing faster.

EBOL with EPOD - streamline your car inspection and eliminate paperwork

Manage all your trucking company's expenses

Track All Your Expenses

Record and view all your car hauler expenses with just a few click. From fuel, tolls and lodging to maintenance & repairs. See the true cost of your trips based on actual expenses and obtain better estimates for future trips and jobs. Compare actual profits vs estimates based on true trip costs.

Easily export all your expenses for tax and accounting purposes. Be ready and prepared for when taxes are due or for any audit.

Send Customizable Notifications to Customers, Shippers, Receivers and Drivers

Want to get your shipper notified when the vehicle is delivered? What about notifying the receiver that the vehicle was picked up? How about letting the customer know that invoice is due? No problem!

With CarShipIO’s automatic notifications all parties are in the loop … each step of the way.

Automatic Order Update notifications - no more phone calls

Import Auto Transport Loads from Top Brokers and Load Boards

Import Loads from Top Auto Transport Brokers and Load Boards

Save time and handle dispatches from your customers faster by importing them into CarShipIO. 30+ Imports from all major auto transport brokers and load boards. Automate all of your dispatches from your customers with CarShipIO Import.

See the list of Auto Transport Load imports that we support.

Make accurate job cost estimates a breeze

Inaccurate estimates can be costly. With CarShipIO Car Carrier Platform, producing accurate estimates in seconds has never been easier.… or faster. Quickly see your true numbers before accepting a job dispatch.

Get job costs and profits for the whole trip, for every vehicle and for each vehicle mile. We use your actual job history to make your cost estimates more precise.

Accurate Job Cost Estimate to see how much this car hauler load will cost you

Powerful document management and history

Digitize and Securely Access all Your Records

Stop wasting valuable time with paper, "hard-to-see" handwriting and blurry faxes. With CarShipIO all your important business records are at your fingertips. Store information and documents about your company, trucks, drivers, customers and jobs. Use your data to instantly generate Invoices, BOLs, eBOLs, Condition Reports and other forms. Gain secure and fast access to any document, from receipts to trip logs. Quickly email your customers important documentation, such as proof of insurance, FMCA Authority Packet, BOls, quotes, or invoices… right from the application.

Switch to efficient digital tools and streamline your business operations in no time.

Get reminders on what matters

Get Important Reminders

Never miss an important deadline or scheduled maintenance again. Get reminded on stuff that matters to your business:

Truck registration
Driver licenses
Medical forms
General documents
and much more

More auto transport dispatch software features coming soon: Truck Maintenance Management, Fuel Card Integration, EDI Integration with OEMs

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